Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering a prototype or a legacy part with no CAD data? We can scan complex parts and create 3D CAD models for reverse engineering with guaranteed, quality results. 3D scanning technology can provide you with a fast, accurate CAD model of your physical object so you can reproduce it precisely as is or use it as a starting point for a redesign. Whether you need a surface model or the more complex solid model for your reverse engineering application, our expert modelers make sure the results are exactly right for you.

Non-contact 3D laser scanning allows even malleable objects to be scanned in a matter of minutes without compression which could change their dimensions or damage to their surfaces. Parts and models of all sizes and shapes can be quickly and accurately captured.

3D laser scanning for reverse engineering provides excellent accuracies and helps you get products to market quicker and with less development and engineering costs. Sometimes no CAD data exists for a part due to: • so old that it was originally manufactured before digital models • CAD data was lost over time • CAD data was lost when a company was sold and products specifications changed hands. 3D Laser scanning provides you with the a fast, accurate, and automated way to acquire 3D digital data and a CAD model of your part’s geometry for reverse engineering when none is available. Also, new features and updates can be integrated into old parts once the modeling is accomplished. Services Offered: • 3D scanning and Inspection • CMM

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